Frequently Asked Questions

For us to transfer your domain name to you, you would need an account with AEServer.com or 123-reg.co.uk.

You would contact us first and once we have agreed on a price for the domain name/web address we will ask how you wish to pay, via bank transfer or using escrow.com.


There are 2 ways of making payment for the domain name you wish to purchase.

  1. We use Escrow.com to process online payments for the safety of both parties. If you chose escrow, we will initiate the transaction for the agreed price and as mentioned above you are liable for the escrow fee’s. Once Escrow notify us of payment being received we will transfer the domain to your specified account at AEServer.com.
  2.  The second option is, You can make payment directly to our business account. If you choose to make payment directly to our business account, we will send you and invoice and once the payment has been received and cleared we will then transfer the domain name to your specified account at AEServer.com.




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